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Walker Diesel Class F - ECMbuild in 4mm for OOn3

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Hi all

Well still waiting for the bogie parts, but in the mean time I got the second bonnet up and running and also started on some of the small detail bits




Exhaust pipe components- aluminium tube with soldered brass mounting brackets


A bit of moulding done to create the bonnet headlamp bodies- the trusty Model T van was used, a nice set of lamps on the front, did not want to wreck the part so I did a mould around the lights still on the radiator grill! it worked


two lamp bodies drilled to take little LEDs


Ladders, other exhaust n brackets, the horns, and the side bonnet radiator water filler caps- all brass


I'm thinking of making up my own motor chassis for this project, but unfortunately I cannot show a sketch, today my workshop PC decided to melt one of its drives and the walker directory was in that sector, fortunately I could back up most of the drive and thankfully I had done a system backup last month, unfortunately the edit to the drawing with the chassis design was only last week and it did not get saved in that backup, and again- fortunately Windows has a secret directory that backups get saved, even incremental! I got almost all the data back from here and it needs a few hours drawing and I'm back to last weeks version...... Backups guys, is very important

anyway, brass etched bogie with Mashima motor on top n pulley drive all hung off a PCB chassis plate, I've setup a drawing of the bogie frames to make a mould, this includes connection rods & crank counter weights to be etched in brass- i'll make contact again on supply of these parts and then make a decision.....



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