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Barls Layout

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I've been working on my layout over the last few years but have changed my mind so often that I never really got anywhere with it. I managed to make a small bit of progress over the summer and after a much needed kick from what Anthony said and wanting an excuse to take 082 out of its box I got some time today to take a few pics of what I have done and post them up. Its a long long way from a 'finished' state but at this stage I want to get it to near complete so that I can run some trains and then I can go about replacing some of the buildings with scratch-built ones and adding more detailing. Apologies for the poor picture quality, they were taken with my phone. Oh and I need a name for it :D



Overall view off the layout (please excuse the mess :))



This will eventually be a freight/dock area with an engine shed at the end.









Farm area with tunnel to fiddleyard





















The pub is only temporary until I get around to building one; a very important part :)

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Thanks for the comments lads; there's still a lot of work to be done but that's part of the fun:). I'm flat out doing a masters at the minute so time to work on the layout is very scarce unfortunately.

Anyone have any suggestions for names for the layout, i'm all out of ideas?

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  • 7 months later...
Now that you've reincarnated this thread - any more photos please?!


Also, any details on the bridges ? The road overbridge looks fantastic - who makes it?


I'll try get a few more photos over the next few days. I hope to make a bit more progress on the layout over the next few months too, so i'll take pictures as I go along :)


The viaduct is the Metcalfe one but it has been shortened to suit. The road over-bridge is scratchbuilt from card and packing plastic covered in Wills stone sheeting. The arches were made by cutting out a semi-circle of thick plasticard, then scribing the outlines of the stones where I wanted them. They were then further outlined using the edge of a rectangular needle file and sand paper.The capping pieces were done in a similar way. It sounds like a lot of work but I couldn't find anything on the market to suit so I didn't really have a choice but to build one!

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I haven't made much more visible progress but I dotted a few figures around the layout and took a few photos today.




































My version of the weed spraying train, the track cleaning train :)










It is apparent from the pictures that there are still several areas that need to be finished off and I need to get a backscene at some stage!

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Absolutely great Barl - thanks for sharing!! :):)


I love the two antique looking wagons on the 'track sprayer' :) Are they for weight / ballast / just pretty ? :)

Did you spray the Dapol cleaner?


I think the tank wagons are old Triang models; they were my Dad's when he was younger and, once re-wheeled, they were a good weight to add Gaugemaster track cleaning pads to. One of them has a spring attached to push the pad onto the track and the other has a small piece of lead added to it!


I gave the Dapol cleaner a quick coat of yellow and plan to add IE logos at some stage! The factory fitted switch was acting up so I removed it and hardwired a decoder in place and decided to add a white LED at one end just for fun and to use the extra function :)

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Its been a while since I've done anything with the layout but over the last few days I've managed to get a bit done on the freight yard/harbour area. This included creating the hill and road behind (what will be) the engine shed. I've yet to decide what material I will use to cover the walls.




I've used ordinary fillers from B&Q with a few drops of black poster paint added to give it a grey colour but it will still be painted at some stage. I left the fillers to dry for a few minutes before using the rounded edge of an old bank card to create the gap for the wheel flange. This was pressed against the track and run along its length, stopping at short intervals to remove the fillers that has built up on the card.

Kirley and Vincent have been discussing concrete areas in their threads and this was something I'd been putting off for ages but in the end it wasn't too bad.












This area will contain some low-relief warehouses which I still have to build.








Still have to finish off some of the hard-standing and then some sanding and tidying up!

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Hi barl,

Smashing looking layout,nice variety of rolling stock,but I really like the photo of your mk2a and rebuilt Dutch van.

Can you tell me is it a kit or ready made is it a dc kits one ? Really looks the part,

Nice to see a photo of what I was asking about.

Many thanks in advance


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Barl - great progress on the layout - the permanent way is amazingly real looking you've achieved a great look with that. I love the churchyard and the trees, the trainspotter on the fence over the tunnel mouth is classic as are the punters outside the pub. Your DMU looks absolutely bril - very jealous. Keep posting the progress please.

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Thanks for the comments lads, its nice to get a bit more work done on the layout. :)


Hi barl,

Smashing looking layout,nice variety of rolling stock,but I really like the photo of your mk2a and rebuilt Dutch van.

Can you tell me is it a kit or ready made is it a dc kits one ? Really looks the part,

Nice to see a photo of what I was asking about.

Many thanks in advance



Hi John, the Dutch van is scratchbuilt. I made it a few years ago when I couldn't afford the kit. It's made from plasticard with the rounded section of the roof created from balsa wood strips sanded and filled, and sanded again.......many times:eek: The bogies aren't right but I think they look alright for now! I've included a few old pics below.








Hope these are of some help.


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Having scratchbuilt one of them goddamned dutch gennys not so long ago, hat's off my man. She looks very tidy indeed.Getting those roof ribs perpendicular is a skill in itself! Most impressive Barl/bart/karl (lol for the last two).


Haha Karl will do, Barl is my (not very imaginative) nickname and no its not because I'm shaped like one:D


I remember when making the gen van that the roof was probably the most time consuming part and was difficult to find detailed pics of!

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Hi Karl,

Thanks very much for the photos,cannot believe the gen van is scratch built cracking job! Really looks the part,

It's a pity all the gen vans are so costly as they are needed to complete a rake.my modelling skills deserted me years

Ago lol . Really like your layout and again thanks for photot and feedback

Cheers. John

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Its been far too long since I posted any update here. I needed an engine shed for my dockyard/loco stabling area so I decided to scratchbuild one. I've made a start on the frame and included a few pics below. The roof will be the most difficult part I imagine.







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