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RPSI 461 loco kit

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Any chance of a view of the CAD, just to give us something to hang on to?


Hi Kieran,


I'm afraid I'm not willing to post CAD images due to them being easily copied and also because it is a 2D CAD drawing for an etch and not a nice exciting 3D model.


I regret that the model hasn't been released yet but I'm going as fast as I can.

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Thanks for your answer David and I can understand your reluctance to post an image. It's just that 3 years is a long time to wait on a promised model when it seems to be pushed back to fill new orders for existing models. To my mind if you make a promise to your customers,

“What we are looking for is small deposits of just 25 euro for 25 models. If this requirement can be satisfied then there will be a model of 461 available this year”

there must be some onus on you to keep your commitment to those who met your conditions.

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