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SLNCR project

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David Holman

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Hello all. Here is a selection of some of my model making over the winter. The layout is yet to have a name, but depicts a might have been SLNCR branch to the Arigna coal mines. It is 7mm scale, 36.75mm gauge and everything is scratchbuilt, apart from the superb Northstar kit of Hazlewood and a very nice Tyrconnel kit of a J26/E class 0-6-0T. Wagons and buildings are based on Alphagraphix kits, but are made from plastic sheet, card, etc, though the coal train is a set of resin castings I did from my own masters. Track is Marcway.

Am keen to add to the wagon fleet, but though I have been collecting drawings, details of brake gear would be most welcome. Likewise would love to do 'Large Tank, Sir Henry'. Any idea where I could get hold of drawings?











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Many thanks for all the kind comments. Especially like the Sligo solicitors and the fact that you think it looks the part. Have never visited the area, though a field trip is planned - shame it can't involve time travel as well...

By the by, the cattle in the vans are scratchbuilt [irish Moyles and Dexters]. Needed 30+ and that would have cost about £100 for ready bought models, so had to do something! Plasticard frame covered in DAS clay was the answer - will do something for the workbench section shortly, though need to make some more first.

The trackwork seems to have caused a lot of interest - am guessing because it is broad gauge and that seems to be rare, whatever the scale. Possibly easier in 7mm because Slaters do an extended loco axle and there is nothing much [if any] ready to run. However, one tip when starting a new project might be to consider smaller profile rail. mine is code 100 [instead of 124] and not only does it give a better impression of lightweight track, but also makes the gauge look wider. Did this on an earlier 'standard' gauge roadside tramway and several people thought it looked broad. Maybe code 75, or even 40 might work in 4mm, but check the wheels will still run first. Marcway custom built points use copperclad & flatbottom rail, costing about 50% more than Peco, but are very robust and self isolating, so only need wire in tube for operation. C&L timber tracks could be very good, but they only do kits for bullhead rail.

Will also do something on the resin castings I made for the coal wagons - very easy and very useful for producing multiple models. I was pleasantly surprised at how much detail is picked up in the latex moulds.

Am hoping to have the layout presentable for next year's Chatham show [June 2014], though before then am still exhibiting my BR 1950s East Anglian project called 'Eatonswell'. Next out at the Basildon show in July. If you go there by all means come along and say hello.

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