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That's an excellent model with some nice ideas on the interior.  May do something similar for the interior of my 6 Wheeler.

Paint colour looks excellent. 

I tried the Humbrol RC 403 (Crimson Lake) on the fish van, however it has come out more purple than crimson so may have to re-think this. 


Your route with the crimson & black may be the way to go - do you have the code of the Humbrol paint you used?


Edit - just re-read the post .......Humbrol 20!  .......... need to pay more attention 🙄



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Super model.

I have a copy of an IRRS article on GSW six wheelers which suggests the way to 'purple lake' is equal parts of Humbrol purple, brown and crimson. Tried this on an Alphagraphix 6w coach and it looks fine under LED 'cool white' lighting, but the brown shows up a bit in flourescent light. Have not been able to find a car aerosol that is suitable, so used an air brush.

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Hi Patrick

The GSWR birdcage brake 3rd really came up well, I especially like your pattern making with the springs and interior "module".

I still have not gotten round to finishing the interiors and lettering on my pair of GSWR 6wheel coaches.

It may be possible to have the springs cast in brass from your patterns. 

Some precious metal fabricators/casters use  a cold casting technique in the 1st stage of in the lost wax casting technique https://morrisandwatson.com/

I used Morris & Watson an Auckland firm to produce brass castings from my own patterns, there are likely to be similar businesses in the jewelery manufacturing areas of the UK.

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I got two resin cast model engines on ebay for £10 each.

they are made by Scalecast Models and are sold on ebay by houseworkxxx54.

I have painted them grey, one light and one dark. Then weathered.

They are nicely cast with good detail.




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