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Top marks for all the work, and the finished wagon. I will say that it is the finest bubble wagon I have seen. The chassis as already mentioned before is superb. The bubble from D&M look's great and the SSM kit really takes it to a higher level. I like the discharge pipes and the brake pipe connected to the uprights really gives it an authentic look. It is impressive modelling, well done.



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Thank's for the feedback on the cement wagon. The rubber mould is made by placing the part to be cast face up and glued down so it sits flat and won't

move in a container just a wee bit bigger than the part and pour the rubber over it, making sure it covers it all by about 1cm. I pour a small amount on

first and make sure it goes into all the little corners. It takes about a day to set and the rubber is very tough. Give it a go.

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Bredin Coach with Brass etch sides.

I have had a go at converting a Dapol coach with JM Designs brass etch sides. cutting the plastic sides off to start with was a bit

of a job and nearly lost a few fingers. I also added small door handles, soldered on. And i used 2 Bachmann Commonwealth Bogies.

The seating was all hand built and 6 people added near the windows so they can be seen. The pipework on the roof was made with

1mm plastic rod and torpedo vents from MJT. The green paint was mixed myself until i had a shade i was happy with. I will make the

next one without using the plastic body shell and i will use brass plate for the floor & ends then solder the sides to that.

GSWR 1..jpg


GSWR 2..jpg


GSWR 3..jpg


GSWR 4..jpg


GSWR 5..jpg


GSWR 6..jpg


GSWR 7..jpg


GSWR 8..jpg


GSWR 9..jpg

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Jaw dropping Patrick, an excellent show case for JM Design coach sides; the high overall standard of finish, subtle weathering, really clean lines sharp interior detailing.


The plastic in the Dapol shells is not the easiest to work with I ended up cutting out the windows with a mini cutting disc mounted in a Dremel flexible drive rather than use a knife.


To me the biggest mystery is how you get the Dapol roof to sit flat on top of the sides,

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Thank's for all your comments.

It took a few months to build and i don't have anymore pic's of the construction but i will take more on the next build.

The glazing is just clear plastic which is not that clean and scratched if seen closeup. the roof is just sitting their and

still needs to be fixed down properly.

The next one will be Black & Tan.

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