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Hi, This thread will be used for all of my creations & i will put my older posts here also.

here are some pic's of a 20tf flat i have made from a resin casting that i made. It took a lot of time making the master but i think it has turned out ok. I need about 30 of these to build some Ballast wagons & Cement bubbles so it should help speed things up.









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Superb job popeye, really impressive work, as with all your work thus far. Can i be a pain in the arse though? The body of the ballast wagon penetrates the frame to discharge onto the track. Youd have to retrofit that frame or better still cast a new one, to allow a prototype hopper to sit in. Same applies to the cement bubble - it has two fat nipples that poke through the chassis, to two distinct discharge points. You could cut the hoppers and bubbles off at the solebars and all would be good. Looking forward to seeing the end results.




Ps, Des at SSM, a detail nerd, thinks i'm a pain the arse, so take my suggestions lightly!

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Just moved this from an old thread. NIR Ballast Wagon.

Built from Cambrian Models kit C67 SR 40T Hopper Wagon, SSM Transfers, Ballast is from Woodland Scenics Med Grey. The paint is Humbrol Insignia yellow 154. Not a bad kit to build but some tricky bits on the two ends.







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At last i got my first CIE Ballast Wagon finished, here are a couple of pic's plus a pic of my ballast ploughvan i made a while back.








Well done Popeye - they are all top class vehicles. Great examples of your modelling skills.

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