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New Items for Christmas '13 from SSM

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Hi lads.


In between designing the Ammonia Rake, I got the chance to finish off a few little stocking fillers for the Yuletide season.


Everybody now...."the holidays are coming, the holidays are coming..."




Watch this space over the weekend... :)

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Well you've all been very patient. I'm loving some of the suggestions coming through, but given the work involved in the ammonia rake (more anon.) I did say it was a stocking filler.



So here is the first one. The classic P&T Telephone Box, good for any layout from 1930-2000.

€9 and €1p&p and will include the "telephone" wording to go inside the cap element as well as window acetate. It also includes the AB phone to fit inside!


I will have a painted one later in the week. The window frames are seperate for ease of painting


PT Box sm.JPG

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That's a really beautiful model Des, we probably passed them every day and never paid any attention to them. It really is important to make non railway items available, they can make, or break a layout if not there, and these will definitely fall into the former. You've played another blinder here Des, top marks.



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Here is the second little item that I promised you before Christmas. The Wickam Inspection Car kit. Three of these were introduced in 1962 (711, 713 & 714)


The kit includes wheels, transfers, underframe, handrail wire, and acetate for windows and amber lighting. It has a fully detailed interior of seating and control wheel. The doors can be fixed open or closed.


It is designed to be motorised with a Black Beetle 35mm.


All for €22 and €3p&p.



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Thanks for the interest guys. Very much appreciated.


Please let me know definitive orders as the few Wickam etches I got have now been purchased as of 10pm!. I will need to re-order.





Des i ll definetly take one of the Wickhams of you i ll be in touch about an order for a few other bits in the next few days

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