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Irish Orient Express!

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  • 1 month later...
229 moved the eleven remaining MK3s to North Wall today. They'll be brought to the port in the new year (I think) and shipped to Scotland where they'll be refurbished.


This is a great development. I wonder if they will also have one of the 201s painted in a matching livery, and if so might that be done here or in Scotland.

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They certainly will, Heirflick....


Having been involved in the Grand Atlantic Tour, I can confirm that the clientele who would book on tours like this are used to the very highest standards world wide. If IE supply them with a dirty loco, Mr Franks would get a very loud flea in his ear!


For the Grand Atlantic, a beautifully clean newly painted 071 was at the head of it - excellent!

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Enough with the 201s - make with the 121 class!!!


Yes a pair of 121s would look more familiar to the AAA target market of American tourists, but I think 071s would look good, have the hauling power, reliability but might weight limits on the network that could prohibit the 201s from some out of the way places. I heard from a little birdie that the 201s weight pounding the track work is a maintenance issue.

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As far as I was aware, 206 and 208 are the only ones undergoing bodywork at the moment. However, that could be just the current operating fleet of Irish Rail / NIR.


I'm heading past Inchicore on Monday so will have a looky to see if any of the orange 201's have moved. Seems to me a bit early to be doing the locos, but that depends on which locos they are 'donating' money to restore and their condition.


The only thing we can say for sure is that it'll be interesting to see next year!

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201s must be the most decorated Irish locos ever. So, quiz question, what can equal this?


1. Original orange / black / yellow

2. Later version with larger yellow patch

3. Original "Enterprise"

4. NIR variation on above

5. Second (current) "Enterprise"

6. New "Enterprise" silver and black (just as 071s are losing silver and black!)

7. Green and grey "Intercity"

8. NIR all-blue


and soon, 9. Belmond day-glo tartan.....


.... all within twenty years!

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