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DJ Dangerous

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23 minutes ago, BosKonay said:

Considering the production boxed As have been plucked off the assembly line for their photo shoots this week, they are very close :) 

Now we just have to hope that An Post sort their website out, or we genuinely will have to parachute pallets down over Las Canarias.

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Another Chris Dyer / Tony Mirolo re-spray arrived in the post today!

Unfortunately they messed up and gave me a second 081, so I'll have to get somebody to re-number it some day.

Cost-prohibitive to post it anywhere so it'll be a working holiday for somebody.

I know that you can see the carrier film, but that seems to be the way that Chris and Tony work these days.

Again, it can be a working holiday for somebody to tidy this up!

Short video uploading...



2023-02-09 20.47.42.jpg

2023-02-09 20.48.16.jpg

2023-02-09 20.49.17.jpg

2023-02-09 20.49.27.jpg

2023-02-09 20.49.35.jpg

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Chris & Co. have done a nice respray on those locomotives. Have to say that my favourite livery for the 071s is the Silver & Black, however, I prefer the appearance of the cabs without the grab handles - a lot neater looking. Wonder if it's to early for IRM to consider producing their version of this prototype, I'd say there's a lot of them about, still.

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