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=C=Rail= Intermodal new OO model and some reliveries

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55 minutes ago, flange lubricator said:

Great stuff , I hate to mention the dreaded B word but are you shipping and  removing the Vat for your EU customers on your site .


We are not vat registered in the UK yet as all it would do is push the retail price up a bit anyway. like i've pointed out they should have been a price increase this time round as my 40ft containers have been the same price for 12 years !!!

Regards Arran


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2 hours ago, Bob229 said:

Last year bought 20ft Bell containers  superb  

Yes 👌the detail especially the locking mechanisms on the door ends really pop with the painted parts. I have a rake of 20ft container flats with their Bell containers on them. Just about straddles the end of my era.

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I'd take a few Bell tanks as well if they appeared 😉

I would also like to see the plain green Consent Leasing 40 foots that were very often mixed in with Bell liners in the 90's. I guess these would have wider appeal as well as they must have popped up everywhere being a leased container.

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On 24/1/2021 at 11:10 AM, NIRCLASS80 said:

40’ SeaWheel containers would be great future release 

The sea wheel boxes are 40ft Pallet wides so different to Arrans tooling unfortunately..

But would be a good model for Limerick to Waterford baby powder liners

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