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Firstly, thanks to all those who facilitated the setting up of this sub-forum. I hope I didn't step on any toes when I mentioned just one person previously.


My oldest surviving model aircraft is a Tomiyama model of an Aer Lingus Boeing 707 / 720 type. I can't remember exactly when I got this but it must have been around the time that Aer Lingus put the first of its Boeings into service, 1960, and I don't know whether it was bought here or was brought from overseas.




A neat feature was that when the radio aerial on the roof was moved forwards and backwards the cabin doors opened and closed. When the doors were open a stewardess coud be seen in each doorway and no passengers could be seen in the cabin windows.




However when the doors closed images of passengers appeared at the windows!




I don't know what scale the model is (or if it is even to scale. It is about 14 inches nose to tail and the wingspan is just under 14 inches. It is definately a toy rather than a detailed model. The undercarriage is completely toy like with the main wheels connected to a gearbox which makes a loud whirring sound when the plane is pushed along.




Also the plane's registration, EI-AET, never existed in the Aer Lingus fleet.


I'm wondering, has anybody else come across this model (toy)?

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Check out January's edition of Military Aviation Modelling. There is an article on the compoletion of a 1:5 scale Mustang (yes, it is 6' long and has a 7' wingspan, eight years in the making). There are some great photos here.




It also has a superb article on painting and weathering a decommissioned Hind helicopter.


I might have to put this magazine on the regular "to get" list. It really is top drawer.

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It is worth trying to sell them, you would probably be surprised. I recently sold on fleabay an Airfix 1/32 Bond Bug Car kit, loose in a plastic bay, without decals and with a photocopy of the assembly instructions, but all parts were present. The kit sold for £118, having started at £10. At one point, before I had identified what it was, I had considered chucking it in the bin.

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On 9/30/2019 at 7:07 PM, WRENNEIRE said:

Is there any value on old Airfix kits men?
Raiding an attic this afternoon and I found around 50 - 60 unopened kits

Worth a punt?


Airfix are re issuing a lot of their older kits under the Vintage label so lads who would of like to of built some unobtainable stuff are now getting the painful chance to do so so unless you got a HMS Canberra, Ferguson tractor or that Dune Buggy you wont be getting rich too soon.


Dave take a few pics and stick em up here of your stash.


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