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On the subject of painting the gangways, looking at photos of the prototype the colour seems to vary. I don't kniow whether to use the same orange as on the body or

to use a luminous orange.

Anybody know what colour was actually used?


Some had the doors the same orange as the body and some had day-glow orange. I got a spray can of day-glow orange from halfords and it did the job.

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More work on my MK3's...


4 out 5 of my these coaches were missing their buffers. I was finding them hard to find on Ebay (as well as being bloody expensive!) so a solution had to be found. A quick search produced a box of these...




I took a file to the edges to give them the correct oval shape, then a coat of black primer...




Then fix them in place with a dab of superglue...




Here's one next to the only MK3 that had it's original buffers. Pretty hard to spot the difference even if I do say so myself...





So then I could finally move on to the weathering. Here's a few shots of them on the layout...









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I also scratch built a loco fuelling point for the layout, based around the Knightwing kit.

The base is 6mm MDF and I scribed the edging pattern into it, the tank is from an old wagon and the rest is offcuts of styrene and other bits and bobs.








I'm not sure if I'll put a canopy over the pumps, and I may switch the tank for something better looking.

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I love those Siphon G vans, I had always thought they may be passable with a bit of work as a UTA bogie parcels van UTA Parcels Van or with a bit more bashing, the flea ridden CIE Staff Sleeper carriage from the 50's. The surgeon's saw is a twitchin' ;) ...


I really like the refuelling line, especially the track pin (?) for the valve on the tank! You might want to put a canopy on if you want to hide a light fitting within.

Keep up the great work. Richie.


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