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IRM Stops Accepting one4all Vouchers!

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Hi everyone,

Great news! We now accept one4all cards! We can now accept one4all cards both online and at shows. So, if you got one for Christmas you can now spend it on some IRM goodies!

If using online, simply go to check out and enter the details like a normal credit or debit card with 'one4all' as the name on the payment card. Please also note that you cannot use it as part payment when ordering on the website. The card must have more or equal value to the item you are buying on it. We can split it at shows though!

Please also note due to EU directives that max spend on traditional one4all cards online is €50. A new chip and pin card is due out in Q1 this year that raises that limit to €500. We can take any amount in person!



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I got some for the birthday - there was i thinking " shure i can't use them in most places id want to .... i might aswell get something for herself".....

Now...now....NOW This!........well I hope she likes ferts....😁

Yis are terrible men!


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