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Georges Workbench

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Thanks for the info. George. Have only recently completed my white metal kit, but unfortunately it did not come with separate grilles, and I have never managed to find any suitable ones, but I am always looking.


Maybe check out some American detail crows like Cannon and Co. Might be able to adapt something. I know they do replacement fan grills and chickenwire grills for early SDs. Worth a look although HO of course. Other option is email Paddy Murphy and blag them as spares?

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Been Tackling the Backlog Recently as I want to concentrate on Weathering and focus actually starting my own layout for a change....Heres some MIR stuff I have had a while and am Finally Tackling, only having a couple of hours a week is not helping!!







the pile, Included 3 semi started Mir Locos which need to be stripped and re done.



Mir Resin Flat WIP, Had a sneaky test run and nice track holding





Possibly my favourite Wagon..Mir Fertiliser. These are my own ones. Looking forward to an 071 bringing them around.





There 10 bubbles on the go as well, Chassis just painted last night so they are drying still.



Now out to the shed for some more action

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After the Wexford renewed Emphasis to try and finish some stuff for a few folks so I can try to get a start on my own projects


Lights going into an MIR 071, I used cut down PCB strips down the side of the loco and soldered the leds to that, Cuts down on the wiring and make the installation pretty solid. Front and rear leds are in now, Red leds tomorrow night, Finsh her off and a bit of weathering and off she goes..



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A fine job done on that 121 George.


It's gas, but when I was younger I thought the prototype was a desperate ugly yoke altogether compared to the baby GMs. But they make a a great looking model.


And agreed John, the whitemetal version is great fun to build and goes together very well. Just a pity about the cast bogie sides not working with an Athearn Donor.

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