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Done another bit tonight, Hate to see what the ESB bill will be after this yoke. Started at 1000 and went till 0100hrs. Heres the pics of the Progress so far, Nothing tricky to report. Everything seems to go very well except when you think you know better and skip reading the Instructions.




Wheel and bearings on



Battery Boxes Went together well.



White Metal fittings on. More to do.



Roof Vent on



Gangway Completed, Just need to Add the Crepe paper surround and the hanging bars:



Other end to do tomorrow


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Heres the next bit of work done, I needed to fit Tension locks Couplers on the ends as the chap running it has those on his layout. I used a slimline one. I drilled a hole in the Chassis floor and the Tension lock coupler and and using a bit of brass wire threaded through the hole in the Chassis, Through the Tension lock to Articulate it and then through the Resin Fuel Tank. I Sanded off the Excess wire flush with the Resin tank. It works an all!!


Here you can see the Wire sticking up at the base of the End plate



Here you can see the fuel tank with the hollow part in the Resin for a Kaydee or coupling of your choice. Great Idea.



Here you see the Wire going from the above the Coupling and through the Coupling itself.



Here you see where I sanded off the Excess Wire protruding from the Resin


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Coming together nicely there George. Tis no longer a box of bits anymore! Fairly extensive looking kit, hats off to all of Mr Mayners work. Well done :D


Out of interest... what's a good base for painting brass? Would you use Etching primer same as if you were painting bare steel? Cheers.

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Heres is the Lastest Installment, As I mentioned I had to solder up the Footsteps which were a Simple fold and sweat together, The Door handles were then soldered using a thin piece of Brass as a gap between the body and the door handle, I then soldered on the Water Tank Filler pipe and now she has a coat of paint on her.I used Phoenix Precision Etch primer which is a two part mix and man alive does it stink, I needed to open all the windows and doors in the Shed for this one!!


Here some shots of the Fully Assembled Van. I must say I have enjoyed this model, A real joy to build and an easy one to start off with I think If you wanted to try a brass kit, That and SSM Brake Van. Now 2 more Vans to do..










Heres she is in Good Company





Primer on:



Now the Fun Begins!! and the roof needs fixing just yet, I wait till I put the Glazing in obviously!!

Edited by Georgeconna
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Absolutely bloody gorgeous work george. Just goes to show how many hours is involved in professional kit building, youre a credit to the scene. Great photographs too all along, really looking forward to the finished article. Incidentally, is that etching primer the only solution prior to brass painting? Richie

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Thanks lads...As I have said before its down the the Design of the kit, It is pretty much Perfect.Clean Crisp and solid Etched parts. Hope the Roof fits nicely once the Glazing goes in!! Thats my main worry!!


This is the 1st time I used this primer and it is Brilliant, I used Car spray stuff before but this is Phoenix Stuff is excellent, It has Activation Properties that make sure the Paint holds onto the brass. I found with aerosol primers they did not have the grip and ruined the finish when you pulled the Masking tape off the paint came away in small Sections and thats with Tamiya Tape!!


Looking forward to the Finish, Its gonna be Black and tan!!.


Thanks George

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Yep All Soldered, Jut spent the Last couple of hours soldering the Footsteps, Door Handles, Water Filler pipes. Pictures shortly....


Soldering whitemetal to brass can be a trial in itself and it makes the work you have done really deserving of the plaudits. Top work George.



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While the Orange is drying on the tin Van I started one of the SSM Kits, The 20tan Brake van. Again this is a nice kit and great thought has gone into the breakdown of the parts to make it a easy as possible. This one will be soldered as well but these can be glued with great results.


Here is what you get for you few bob, Brass Etch, Dapol Prestwin Kit. Clear Glazing, Brass roof and some wire for handrails, I prefer the straight brass wire myself to save time Straightening it out, Also Transfers and some masking tape.






First thing to do was to cut out the Main body etch and fold up using a steel ruler. I then cut of the Side strakes. Note that one part has notches higher up due to where the Ashpan sits so look twice!!



A smear of solder paste and as cut off bit of solder and hot iron enabled to solder to run along the joint.



It was just a handy to add another two to the fire!!



Here I Added the Strakes on and again used a smear of solder paste where the part was going to sit and soldered from the inside which let the solder flow out and along the parts fusing them together. small bit of tidying up need afterwards.



Here all three bodies have the side strakes done, need to do the Front strakes next. about 1.5 hours to get to this stage.





Now back to painting the black on the tin van!!:)


Thanks for looking



Edited by Georgeconna
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