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Rachelstown and St Stephens Green

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Many thanks for looking into the thread and making comments on the progress and advice. I'm seeking direction of how to position signals, their correct aspects, etc if any of you are willing to advise it would be very much appreciated, please feel free to give any contributions you feel constructive. The signals are colour light ype TDR

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Current update


Hi everyone, it’s been a long three weeks with lots of running trains to make sure all track/points are ok.:trains: All missing sleepers were replaced last night into the spaces were track was joined together. Platforms and roads have received first coat of primer to tone all bits similar colour.:dig:

I have now received all the ballast required for the whole layout, it is a mix of 2/3 woodland scenic medium grey blend and 1/3 Gaugemaster grey in medium size. The first application will be applied dry this evening. I’ve watched the “shows you how to series” produced by the guy whom build Everard Junction on you tube and his methods and instructions are first class so I’ll be following his technique. Pictures to follow shortly. TDR:-bd

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Ballasting is still ongoing down at Rachelstown with the PW crew putting finishing touches to the track.






The PW crew will move tonight to St Stephens Green where Ballasting will continue




A well earned rest will be taken when this is complete, ballasting is so boring yet necessary TDR

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Superb work TDR,the ballasting is very neat and really lifts the layout to a whole new level.Really like the large style country houses,they really capture the look of rural Ulster,a complete contrast to my own layout,although the St Stephens Green section looks like it will develop into an interesting section and a nice contrast to the more rural scene.A really nice balance and atmosphere to the layout,well done,its a credit to you.

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Great work going on there TDR, an inspiration to all, very well done, keep it up, & the pics, mind telling me what your baseboard is made of,


BTB the boards are 15mm plywod strengthened by 2/1 under. The St Stephens Green is same plywood strengthen on 25mm plywood as drawers will be fitted under shortly. TDR

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Hi Folks

Update on St Stephens Green side of the layout showing stages of ballasting before during and after applications. Also showing the positions of some of the plant areas at their current state Enjoy












A well deserved running secession for a week or two now, then a full implimention of colour light signalling starts TDR

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TDR, for ****'s sake will you slow down, you'er showing us all up, me especially, what a lot of work you have done there, well done sir,


BTB, I will be slowing down now considerably when the ballasting has had final touches, A good running session is now planned for the next week or two. I will then start work on an accurate Colour light signalling programme consisting of 31 signals as designed for me to suit the layout by another member of this forum. This will take considerable amount of time to construct/complete, however I will also be detailing the remainder of the layout as bits and pieces and time become available. watch this space.TDR

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