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Rachelstown and St Stephens Green

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Life has arrived on the layout


A spare hour or so away from the sharp end let me place population and some details on the layout. Some pics of progress so far. Quiet pleased with the result. TDR











Thanks for taking the time to view TDR

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hi derry ? only just started having a good look around the forum, love the layout.

how did you make your platforms?

i noticed you left painting of the track till the end, so how did you do that, air brush or just brush

and what colour would you reccommend?


paddy mac


Paddy, the platforms are from the peco range. Track work was airbrushed were accessible remainder by brush . The colour is railmatch sleeper grime. Other detailing and colours have yet to be added to the track in time. Hope this helps. TDR

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Hi all, not been at the layout much for about two months, with work again taking priority, all back to normal now, a visit to the layout two weeks ago by Kirley spurred me to have a running day of motive power, this took in most diesel locos including A, C, Hunslett, 121, 141, 181, 071, 111 and 201 classes all in turn running light engine, I’ve also taken some video footage of stock running, this will be posted up when edited. TDR





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Hi All,

This is just a short piece of film showing five locos, 071, 141, 201, 111 and a hunslett in construction stage running to test out the sounds, to date I’ve converted around 20 plus locos to DCC thus far, and enjoying every minute. Difficult to hold a phone whilst filming and a throttle on the other controlling My only regret is, Should had converted the layout earlier. Enjoy TDR

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