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Preorders of IRM Tara Mines Wagon begin this weekend

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2 hours ago, Railer said:

Thanks Stephen,

Really appreciate all the hard work and long hours put in behind the scenes you guys do to keep the hobby progressing forward for our very small market base. Also loving the reception you guys are getting on RM web and facebook from the UK punters too, they all seem very presently surprised by the new kids on the block.

Thanks Graham, as Stephen says there is lots going on behind the scenes, and we are flat out to get stuff ready for Raheny and beyond. We will open the book on the fert preorders possibly tomorrow, as we get closer to delivering them. As Stephen says they will be here this side of CNY all going well (natural phenomenon aside!) as well as the other goodies which will arrive throughout 2019. If anything everyone's wallets will get a breather too, which helps! 

We will have goodies to show at the 3 day show, along with our new announcement as well as bubbles and Accurascale stock for sale. Our stand will be well worth a visit! :) 


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On 10/3/2018 at 6:28 AM, Warbonnet said:


The good news is that we have finally secured a way for them out of China after much searching around, phone calls, emails and annoyance of several logistics managers. The not so good news is that there was no space available by air, and instead they are travelling by sea.  This means that they will now arrive in approx six weeks time. 


Should have put it on the train😂


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51 minutes ago, chris said:

It was considered by our shipping company I believe but wasn’t a goer in the end! 

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Business life especially in the start up years can be full of challenges, excitement, success, and unpredictable events, etc, but IRM/AS have responded well and kept its customers informed, managing expectations that goes hand in hand with a top class product line.  Forgive the pun, but genuinely a class act. :) I'm certain the Tara's will be well worth the wait.



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