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A bunch of hunnies

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hi lads. i took possession yesterday of MERLIN and FALCON, the last of my collection of NIR hunslets. EAGLE being got some time back, so here they are...all are dcc fitted with working lightsand weathered.......



hunnies 011.jpg


i am delighted with the results and they were well worth the wait! thanks to george norman for the fine work!

hunnies 010.jpg

hunnies 009.jpg

hunnies 008.jpg

hunnies 007.jpg

hunnies 006.jpg

hunnies 005.jpg

hunnies 004.jpg

hunnies 003.jpg

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As the lad's have said Seamus the models look superb, I hope you have a lifetime of enjoyment with them. As for the flag, I could visualize you at the head of a Panzer division. I read a good book last year about a lad from Alsace who had a French mother and German father. He fought for the Father land in the second world war, I think it was called the unknown soldier. It's well worth a read if you haven't read it already.



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thanks for the kind comments lads! now to a few answers...Westy, i captured the flag from a stall at the curragh vintage military display a few years back (he put up one hell of a fight, but i talked him to submissioin and got it fot 20 euros!)


Pat, monthly party meetings will resume in the fine weather in the beer hall beside the Bunker (my railway and doss room!) all welcome!


Rich, i have my own Panzers, only 3 at the moment but am working on building up the strenght to a squadron....then ve vil capture the Dail, all the lads on the site here will take over the running of the country...lets face it we couldnt do any worse that the shower thats there now!!


TIGER 001.jpg


thanks for the tip on the book ,must have a look for it.

KING 004.jpg

KING 001.jpg

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Seamus they were involved in the great war and WW11 last century. This time they have achieved domination over the rest of Europe without firing a shot. Lovely models I am a huge military history fan myself. If you have any more pics of models start a thread I would love to see them, as I am sure others would too. The book is a good read the guys name is Guy Sajer. It also shows that the majority of the military soldiers hated the SS.



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The maroon livery really looked the business on them when new, as did the maroon and blue livery. Personally, I thought the later liveries - especially the grey and light blue on carriages - looked a bit watery.....


I'd have to agree JHB. The full set with a maroon liveried Hunslet at each end looked the biz! The later liveries didn't have the same impact.

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