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Connolly Station in "N"

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IMAG0207.jpgHi All,


Its been a while since I last posted on the site & the last time I did I was planning a model of Colbert Station Limerick. After careful consideration & much head scratching I decided to go with a model of Connolly instead.


The deciding factors for me were:

1)The ability to run through trains.

2)The variety of stock that ran/runs into Connolly Station.


I have had to scale the model back a fair bit due to space constraints but the overall look of the model should still be fine once fully completed. The model measures 6 ft x 3 ft & is built on an Argos wallpaper pasting table which folds meaning the model can be easily transported to exhibitions.


The model now has all woodwork, track-work, electrics done & I will be starting the buildings this week.I will post the up to more photos soon & hope to post regular updates as the model evolves.


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Thanks for the kind words lads. I will be posting plenty of pictures in the coming days/weeks so you will be able to see the layout develop. :)


@JHB171achill The Locomotives are all shapeways 3d prints. The 2700 DMU is a modified Farish class 158, the 2800 DMU is a heavily modified Farish class 158, my 22000 ICR is again a heavily modified Farish product this time being a class 168. All transfers were supplied by Des from Studio scale models.


Below is a closer image of 2 locomotives standing in the loop line area of the layout(apologies for the poor quality of the image)


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Wow! Well done on this, I had a go at n-gauge and modelling Irish subjects but I was getting so frustrated at the fiddlyness (is that a word?!) that I gave up! The detail you have achieved on the rolling stock is fantastic! Did you find it difficult to get a chassis that would fit under the 071's? The layout itself looks great and really captures the feel of Connolly. Lolling forward to see this progressing further!

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The greatest talents make it so you can't pick the gauge with ease and this is what you have achieved so far. Keep the photos coming. I as a kid modelled in N scale and loved it. Have slowly moved up in scale since from N to HOm to HO and now On30. N scale was definitely the hardest to gain realism in. Thanks again for sharing. Love the locos can't believe they were 3D printed.

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Hi Guys,


I got a bit of work done over Christmas & now the north end of the station is taking shape. Work is now progressing at a decent pace & I will post updates on a more regular basis. Here are a couple of images showing some recent work (apologies about the picture quality)


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That is indeed a masterpiece of one with exceptional eyesight - and skills.


Dare I live in hope of seeing a few blue 4.4.0s about the place!


On a serious note, this idea of 3D prints seems to be generating a lot of valuable new opportunities. Presumably it would be a relatively simple matter to churn out DD stock, various modern railcars and 141s. For a 141, though, what chassis would be short enough?

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Thanks for the kind words folks.


Just to try answer a couple of queries from your comments:


1)Regarding the signalling I think I will simply scratchbuild dummy modern signals. At a later stage I may try to replace these with working colour lights.


2)All of the DMUs are converted British Stock:

The IE Class 29000 is a UK 350 EMU.

The IE Class 2800 is a heavily modified UK 150.

The IE 22000 ICR is a modified UK 168.

The IE 2700 is a modified UK 158.


3)The Locos are all Shapeways items which just need to be finished & a suitable donor chassis found. With the 121s & 141s I used a lifelike SW9 chassis which was short enough.


I hope to get some more work done over the weekend & will hopefully post an update early next week.

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Excellent work there Driver,

very interesting to see someone tackle Irish outline in 'N' gauge. The chance to be able to model a more prototypical station/trains whilst not taking over the whole house is a great bonus! Great possibilities with Connelly Station... DARTS, Commuters, Enterprise etc... not to mention the station building itself which is an imposing bit of architecture. Keep up the good work :tumbsup:


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