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Sulzer Kit

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Hi guys


I have been talking to Des in Studio Scale Models, I was interested in the sulzer kit. He says that if he gets 8 definite orders he will rerun them again for the reduced price of €75.

I'm just posting this to see if I can drum up enough interest as I really want one :tumbsup:



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I've yet to see anyone use des' lighting rig supplied with the kit, so wouldn't get excited about the "lightning rig" at all.


The class 55 chassis is superb, unless you are running Kirley's Alpine Pass inclines. It's a nice slow runner too over points if you lube it up a wee bit.




Edit - Peez o pizz doing a cut and shut on the 55, am preping a tutorial on it for a man in wickla :P

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For those who don't RTFM

Please note this is the same kit as before, but without the lighting rig.


To repeat, it is the SAME kit as the last time, but without the LED lights. Ergo, a few bob off (those LEDS were an utter pain to sort and pack in the kit and as Richie said very few installed them).


The Class 55 was chosen because its wheelbase is the closest to the sulzer as it was a very short three axle wheelbase, and it is relatively cheap, being part of the Hornby Railroad range.


And to reiterate that the kit includes a brass chassis so no need to cut and shut, just take out the bogies and use them on it.


To keep the thread on track. 8 orders=rerun. Less than 8=no rerun.

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Are there any on the site that we could see from the last batch to see how the resin body might turn out?

The LED would be a welcome addition. What's the lightning rig? .... Or is that lighting, referring to the LED strip not being supplied with this batch?


If you want to see one in action have a look at Item #917



The Sulzer is in the video CIE Laminates at 1.37sec in.

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The most interesting thing about this is now that it is available for purchase there are 10 orders. I can't help but wonder if keeping some level of stock on the shelves, however small, wouldn't help increase sales of Irish outline overall.


I have no inside knowledge of SSM's business operation, but... that involves a significant outlay in itself and obviously doesn't make economic sense, otherwise I'm sure Des would keep some in stock, as he he does with his etched kits.

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