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NDMRS Exhibition Bangor 23/24 April 2022

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2 hours ago, Georgeconna said:

I enjoyed these years back but driving now from Cork to Dublin first, Parking in Connolly, Train up then is now massively expensive.

I booked to go to Model rail Scotland this Friday by Ryanair a few weeks back €33.38 Return , checked a day return to Belfast on 23rd April and best price is €35.98

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5 minutes ago, Georgeconna said:

so bout 50 notes Diesel to Dublin and back plus train, plus nosh etc. certainly spend the few bob on something else. the Benefits of living all the way down here.

Agreed! All major preservation society’s are based north of Dublin. ma’am cross, RPSI, cultra, C&L, Donegal ect. Waterford has the Suir valley, Kerry has the lartigue railway, Clare has moyesta, Tipperary has ITG in carrick. The cost and time to get to and from any of these sites is a bit of an object. Meanwhile in the whole county of cork we have no.36 in Kent and 2 Park Royal coaches in the west cork model railway village.

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Hi everyone,

We're gearing up for Bangor this weekend and will be there with models for sale as well as decorated samples of our Magnesite wagons and our NIR Mark 2 coaches.

Look forward to seeing you there!



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1 hour ago, GNRi1959 said:

Trust my luck. My daughter bought a house in Bangor, just 5mins from the Venue but alas i am basking in the sun in Adelaide and sorry that i’ll miss out this time. Have fun, everyone.

Can’t you just get an ex Lisburn train and change at Central ? ;) 


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1 hour ago, murphaph said:

I've never associated the two places as having the same name, despite knowing of both of them. Isn't that strange?!

Could be worse.

I had a couple of aunts who had a friend who was as geographically-challenged as they were - she got on a train in Bristol to go the few miles to Wellington (in Somerset) and got off it in Wellington in Shropshire.


"I thought it was taking a long time."

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3 hours ago, WRENNEIRE said:

Will be there with Chris Dyer, tells me he has a van full of Irish models, he has sold off most of his UK stock
I wont say there will be many "bargains" but if you are looking for a particular piece.........

"Bargains". Spat me coffee out there. 

Heard the Vat man will be on the Down Enterprise checking bags  :)



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23 hours ago, WRENNEIRE said:

Will be there with Chris Dyer, tells me he has a van full of Irish models, he has sold off most of his UK stock
I wont say there will be many "bargains" but if you are looking for a particular piece.........

I will be looking for a Silver  Fox yellow tool van.It will be my first time at the Bangor show.

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19 hours ago, Irishrailwayman said:

Hi, is there a listing of the exhibits at the Exhibition available?

this is on the NDMRS Facebook page

18 March 2022


The latest Exhibitor For The Exhibition 

ARE :-

Exhibitors For the April 23rd-24th Exhibition 

. OO Scale Exhibitor--------- Layouts

 First Bangor MRC . Quarry Hill

 Glenabbey MRC . Club Layout

 N Sunshine ..Western Interchange

 J Sinclair.. Dunster

 Wexford MRC.. CIE Diesel Depot

 NDMRS.. Mill Road

 W Redpath.. Portadown Station

 Northern Counties Group .. Fenaghy Junction

Peter McVicker. .......HO American layout 

Downpatrick & Co Down Rly .....15 mm & OO model Railway. 


 7mm//”O”Gauge Scale Exhibitor------------ Layouts


 Wexford MRC.. Prospect Road MPD

 NDMRS ..Antrim

 Vintage Railways ...3 rail Tin plate

Ken Cumings....O gauge 3 rail vintage layout.



 N Gauge And other Scales Exhibitor------------- Layouts


 Les & Leanne Conn.. 009 Modular

 Neil Jackson ..Co Durham Railway

 Glenabbey .. Jonesville

 Drumawhey.. Miniature Railway

 Ann Clark.. LEGO

 South Dublin MRC..2 x N gauge Model Rly layouts

 Michael O'Connor.. T track 

 D J Wynne.. Under The Swan Rock

 MRSI ..Hogan's Halt

  Carlust Meccano Club.. Working Display of Meccano



 Displays---------------- Boats--- Aircraft-----Misc 


 Belfast Model Flying Club.. Radio Controlled Aircraft

 Ards Model Flying Club.. Radio Controlled Aircraft

 Pickie Boat Club ..Model Boats

 Carrickfergus MBC.. Model Boats

 Seahorse Boat Club.. Model Boats tbc

 Models for Heroes.. Military models

 Gerard Murra..y Military Models

 IPMS UK NI Branch.. Military Models

 K Sinclair ..Doll's House Miniatures

 P Savage ..Thornyhill Farm 1/87

 S savage ..Farming Diorama

 MERG ..Electronic Construction Demo

 Family History in North Down .. History Display

 NIGOG ..Railway Books

 Gordon Wright.. 3D Printing Demonstration 

DAME.. Dolls Houses 1/48 scale tiny properties by Lorraine

 E Brown Models ..Model Vehicles.

 MRSI.......Locomotive Repairs 

Donaghadee Heritage Company....Photographic Display 


 Trade Exhibitor


 A McMullen ..Postcards Photo Albums

 A Knell ..Trucks Lorries

 Chris Dyer ..Train Mainly Irish

 NDMRS ..OO Train Sales

 Richies Model.. Trains Corgi Techno etc.

 Irish Railway Models.. OO/O Model railway

 Model Rail Baseboards .. Baseboards

 Die Cast model Cars.. 1/45 Model Vehicles

 Dawson Hall.. Model Buildings

 Parkinson UK NDB.. Railway Model Supplies

 Rainey Miniatures.. WW1 Military Figures

 Marks Models......Model Railways 

McCulloughs Model shop.......Sale of Models 


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I managed to get a few photos of some of the layouts at the exhibition. i posted my T Trak layout photos on the T trak thread.


Four views of  Feneghy  an OO scale layout of a fictional NCC line set in the Ballymoney area.





A closeup of therec NCC liveried 6 wheel coaches


Rush hour perhaps?



Two new layouts from the Glenabby club

First an OO scale layout



Second a compact N gauge layout. the stone buildings are Metcalfe card kits


Four views of the large Portadown layout. A spectacular layout.








How railways started?




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Growing up in the village of Gilford, and going to school in Portadown, William Redpath's model of Poradown Station is so nostalgic. What an achievement to model such a large area so accurately. I remember seeing it a few years ago (probably at Cultra) when the roundhouse area was still being developed. There are so many areas along the length of the model brilliantly modelled. Hats off to you William, brilliant realism, terrific modelling.

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