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3 hours ago, Noel said:

Sure, but don't want people to suffer falling into repeating history such as the great Lima 201 debacle selling for close to €1000 when rare on ebay, but barley fetch €50 once the superior later MM 201 was later released. Its not like fine art or stuff like original beetle music score sheets. This false market is temporary, don't like seeing model train enthusiasts exploited.

Hi Noel,  No one is being exploited. It really doesn't matter what price someone might be willing to pay for any model. That will always drive the market at a particular point in time. And of course the appearance of a newer better version of anything will affect the market and buyers are aware that this may happen,. In the end the price paid is a price the buyer is content with, whatever their reason for paying it.  We can't second guess this or read minds.

You have on a number of occasions described the Lima 201 as a "doorstop" and that is not a fair way to describe a landmark model which was the very first of its kind and as such is still of interest to collectors (and even to those who cannot afford the newer one). Those that secured them at exorbitant prices wanted them and are probably quite happy with them regardless of the collapse in market price. I can think of a lot worse stuff produced by Lima and Hornby that predate the 201 that collectors have an interest in and are prepared to pay for.



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I did not want to get involved in this thread but now I feel like I have to
We are talking about 2 completely different creatures here, the runner and the collector
I would consider myself firstly a collector and to that extent models need to be pristine, and also the box plus spare parts where applicable and any literature that came with the model need to be included.
To say price is not important sounds a bit naff, but if it is something that I would like to have in the collection I will pay whatever is needed. Future values are not important to me, the collection is its own end.
I also run models so on that front I would always be on the lookout for a bargain, everyone likes a bargain and none more than myself, but as we all know its not a cheap hobby so lets leave each and every person alone and lets just enjoy what we have, be you one or the other.

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Few eBay bits and bobs today...

IRM BritBus Cityswift for €75:


IRM BritBus IE Intercity for €70:


EFE Translink for €35:


Absolute bargain 201 for @Noel, five times the price it should be:


Couple of Ulster PD2's around €30 each:




Oxford Diecast Tinnelly curtainsider for €35:


Corgi Metrobus in two-tone Dublin green :


(As far as I know, there was only one of those and it only ran in Dublin for six months at the end of 1989)

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1 hour ago, Darren.d said:

I got one in bray a few weeks back for €350.got it in c.i e supertrain livery.unless re issued prices are going to keep going upwards.im not long in the hobby so paying premiums to get what I want.

I thought this only literally a year ago regarding 141 classes and that has all changed now, I think we will see another run at some point for sure.

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4 minutes ago, Broithe said:

Does your domestic supervisor need a new coat?

Get her a Ballybrophy coat. Ideal for going to exhibitions and trudging round model shops behind you.


Picture 1 of 3

Only £160 - but, if you watch it for a few days, you'll get an offer of £120.

Is she worth that..?

Never knew a Ballybrophy coat was a thing.. Was it designed with the long wait on a windswept platform for the Nenagh branch line train in mind?

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59 minutes ago, MOGUL said:

Never knew a Ballybrophy coat was a thing.. Was it designed with the long wait on a windswept platform for the Nenagh branch line train in mind?

My understanding is that it was felt to be a necessary personal protective equipment development after Lambe's and Phillips's closed.

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