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IRM Fert Now Available To Pre-order

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3 hours ago, Mayner said:

Never mind overload the bay, the forklift is grossly overloaded!

The forklift is likely to tip over attempting to load 4 pallets in one lift😩.


Image result for container forklift tip over

Didn't realise a container full of A class and 121 models could weigh as much. Lima crap was much lighter. Red faces all round I'd guess at that depot.

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9 hours ago, Noel said:

Lima crap was much lighter.

oh dear, lima has a charm, no fuss, great for kids, i addressed lima 'trainism' b4 in another post. rant rant rant. its like the modeller with the real scale prototype railroad in his garden, everything done in small scale and plastic to them is also plastic 'cr or what ever your having your self'.  perspective. peace and love to lima. the only trains to run high speed when testing tracks, if they tumble, no damage ever. so poplar r lima i oncd stood in front of daves bray stand to find  two lima lovers, n Dave and me, thats nearly a lima club!

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Found this from 1985......

Can’t remember where it was!

Few markings.... even in CIE days, with endless door-swopping, some ended up with no logo.

After 1987, when IE took over, normal goods stock including these lost their “broken wheel” logos by degrees. IE never applied either the “set of points” nor the “three pin plug” logos to any normal goods stock, so these yokes ended their days with no logos.


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On 5/1/2020 at 3:51 PM, Warbonnet said:
DISCOVERY! Ferts Found in Our Warehouse!
We have found a small amount of Fertilser wagons in our warehouse! These very limited quantities of packs C and D are now on our website, so if you missed out, snap them up now! Available for immediate dispatch! https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/cie-bogie-fertiliser-wagon

Got my pack the other day, all ive to say is 👌. Is there any chance you'll do another run of them?  🙏

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