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IRM Fert Now Available To Pre-order

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Hi everyone,

Our Fertiliser wagons are now available for pre-order! As you can see, these promise to be one of our best models yet, if not the best! We are doing four packs of two wagons, with each wagon individually decorated as per the prototypes from photos and research material. 


The ferts are one of the most distinctive wagons to run in Ireland, and ran nationwide during their 30 year lives in service with Irish rail. Built in Inchicore, the were based on the standard 42ft underframe, these wagons entered service with Córas Iompair Éireann (CIÉ) in 1974 and were tasked with transporting palletised bagged fertiliser from the Nitrigin Éireann Teoranta (later Irish Fertiliser Industries) plant at Shelton Abbey, near Arklow in County Wicklow, to distribution points throughout the CIÉ/Irish Rail and Northern Ireland Railways networks.


In traffic, these distinctive vehicles could be found both in dedicated block trains and attached to other ‘liner’ services. In late 2001, Irish Rail signalled its intention to withdraw from a number of unprofitable freight flows, including fertiliser traffic. This, coupled with the closure of the Shelton Abbey plant in 2002, led to their withdrawal.Throughout their operational lives, these wagons wore a basic red oxide livery and a number of the wagons retained the CIÉ roundel after the formation of Irish Rail in 1987.


They are currently in production alongside our liner wagons and are due in December 2019. 

Prices are €100 per pack of two wagons, and as ever we are doing a great bundle deal, of €360 for all 8 wagons. 

Pre-order now: https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/cie-bogie-fertiliser-wagon

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The "deed is done" with 2 packs ordered so thanks for bringing a major part of the CIE et al freight story to the model world in rtr format - as said before some thing unimaginable  5 years ago.  Account now into hiding after a Dapol factory open day last weekend.   

I look forward seeing samples on stand B46 at Warley show at the NEC,  November 23rd and 24th .


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3 hours ago, K801 said:

Beautiful models, how many ran in a full rake?

Defo not less than 8 😀..........

My "budget" will prop stretch to 2 packs of these - they are unique and 4 will probably look fine on my proposed layout.....the agony of choice eh! - I've just about got the A"s order squared away and the liners - tho i know ill be coming back for seconds on the As....then there is the rest of the 42 project...and Paddys Ms 121s ....not forgetting Leslie's cattle wagons and more beets and Hs........its not a bad complaint tho!!

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2 hours ago, Railer said:

Quick question about the model guys. In the samples I notice the brake handle sits proud of the frame rather then being slightly recessed under it. Is this due to model commonality with the 42ft flats?

It's a feature of the sample, corrected on the finished item.

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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick fert update. The wagons are due to be finished Christmas week in China, so with Christmas upheaval, holidays etc they will be in your paws in early January 2020. 

We're at 15% sold already, so dont miss out, as they will go fast, just like the liners! Order now: https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/cie-bogie-fertiliser-wagon



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Thanks, Ernie @Irishswissernie. I was hoping you'd post that one. I alway feel like I'm always putting some part of your collection on here.

Sometime in 1974 at Albert Quay, CBSCR then a goods yard for CIE until North Esk opened c. 1976

CIE B142 at Albert Quay.

and as Boskonay demonstrated above you can run a rake with an NIR loco if you're stuck!


Coleraine c. 1984   ....although 113 seems to be the most photographed of the NI locos with bogie ferts

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Order placed. Went mental and ordered the bundle. Seeing as I'm going to be shot as soon as the ministry for the Interior gets wind of this......I ordered an auld Supertrain A Class to keep the ferts company.....might aswell go down in style!

Im in financial hibernation until the summer - it will be soup and crackers with a can of sardines at the weekend. As regards the 121's....I'm watching the going rate for gin tarnished middle aged kidneys......

It will all be worth it tho🤣

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