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'Kent Station' build

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Well I finally sorted out my attic space and got a start on my new layout. Its taken a bit longer than I thought, a new fold out stairs put in, the water tank moved to the back of the attic, proper insulation put in and foil reflectors, floored the space and have fixed the layout base boards between the trusses, so now we're ready to rock and roll.

After playing around with the free version of anyrail, I decided to buy the software. Its a great little package for designing layouts and its easy to get up to speed with it fairly quickly. My layout is based loosely on Cork station taken up an era somewhere between '75 to '95 which should give me plenty of leeway to run plenty of stock. As space was a major issue I have designed the layout as a loop incorporating all the major parts of the station, goods yard and approach's. I've bought half the track I need (Peco code 75) to allow me to start building the goods yard side of the loop. Its going to be DCC which poses a huge learning curb for me as its my first layout build since I was but a wee lad so expect plenty of questions for the experts out there particularly on track laying.









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When I saw your engine shed and Glanmire Rd bridge builds,I thought you would need some size of layout to accommodate them,well you have certainly not disappointed.Great layout plan to incorporate your superb builds and this looks like the start of a brilliant layout,look forward to your progress.

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Roll on the autumn (boo hiss)!


This warm weather is anti-conducive to working in the attic


I hear ya on that one, although the foil has made a massive difference to the temperature flux.


Thanks for all the kind comments, hopefully I won't disappoint.

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Excellent layout in the making. Eamonn I was thinking the same with my small layout. I have not even been in the attic for most of the summer due to the heat. Looking forward to the cooler days ahead, I don't mind the chill up there in winter but was worried for the locos etc with the build up of heat during the recent heat-wave. No option of stabling anywhere else or some little terrors might have got there hands on them.

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That is a insperation of of layout.looks cosy for the winter

but what about heat?have you installed anything to cope

with the intense heat that can arise in Summer.I had to

move my entire stock to the landing during the recent

heat wave as I feared damage to locos etc.


Unfortunately the only space available to me is the attic so I'll just have to live with it, but to be honest it didn't seem that bad even during the resent heat wave. Perhaps a well stocked fridge with beer would help!!

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That space is almost identical to the space where I plan to put my layout. I've moved my water tank and installed a stira stairs so far, insulation, foil, velux winodws and wiring left. I was worried that it my not be possible to use the space in between the rafters but seeing this has reassured me.


Cant wait to see how this develops. It looks great so far and that plan looks like a genius use of space.


Best of luck with the project !

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Having a lot of the buildings and railway related structures ready to be dropped into position is a great incentive to getting the permanent way down. I still love the cement loading facility. Great work so far, all plaudits are truly deserved.



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Sorry I haven't updated this in a while. Here's a few snaps of how she's coming together. I've had to go into an apprenticeship in wiring over the last couple of weeks to get my head around wiring this baby, but I'm happy to report I've got my head around it now and the cement section is fully operational with working points!!




Bad hair day!!








My Make shift control panel till I build a proper one!




Hidden access under the engine shed.












































Hope you like!!


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