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I can appreciate the amount of time, effort, and thought that has gone into the layout. It takes me back to my youth and looks just like I remember it. I can't say that I am taken by the way that MacDonagh Station looks today with the shopping Mall next to it. Is the track built to finescale standards. Did you use Templot or other templates. If it isn't finescale did you reuse the original loco wheels on longer axles. I look forward to seeing more and thanks for sharing, it's a wonderful piece of work.



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thank you for the kind comments. Here is a second batch of pictures (including 2 old ones to ilustrate the trackbuilding- it is not finescale).


Greetings Joachim


(I have some problems with posting this reply- if something is strange -please excuse)










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only beautiful! where did you come accross the soft top landrover in this pic? i can only get hardtop ones



Thank you.

The Landrover is from Schuco (some models are simular to carama) 1: 76 scale. It was sold only in an ambulance version with a big red cross on the canvas. I painted the soft top over. I bought it 10-12 years ago. I think it is not available anymore.



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