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Happy Christmas

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Back to my Christmas mail trains, carrying the cards which haven't reached any of you yet -


The low winter sun catches Glover tank No.64 on the Down Special Mail which has been shunted at Portadown Junction into the through goods loop>  The S Class which has brought the train from Dundalk has been replaced by the little tank for the remainder of the journey to Belfast. The M1 and M2 vans are 3D prints by Richard Ellis-Hobbs, followed by assorted six and four wheel vans by him and my own Y5s.


But first, Class VS No.207 Boyne (built by Colm Flanagan) on the 9.15 semi-fast from Dublin rolls through to her stop at the Passenger station.

Sorry about the lighting - one of my tubes has blown and I haven't got the dexterity back to shove in a new one!

No Midnight communion in Frimley this year, so off to an early bed to read the next chapter of A Christmas Carol.

Merry Christmas to you all.  All the merrier as The Deal has been struck, without which I would have folded up Provincial Wagons.

God Grant us all a healthier, happier 2021.


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A very Happy Christmas too one and all in what has been a very difficult year for us all , the arrival of the long awaited 121 class from Paddy Murphy has certainly given everyone a lift along the arrival of more products from IRM like the Gypsum has also provided a lift to the spirits . As we look forward to a better 2021 and the arrival of the A class hopefully they will arrive when we will be starting to feel the beginning of the end of Covid . 

Stay safe everyone. 

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4 hours ago, airfixfan said:

No other is the new loco for the Tralee and Dingle Railway purchased by the local council!


5 hours ago, David Holman said:

A Christmas tease from JHB? Clearly a 4-10-2 from the Ulster and Connaught Railway, on display at Shanes Castle!

It’s a thing of great beauty from Brazil; a number of these were built in 1936/7 for the Paulista Railway in São Paula State for heavy goods trains up-country.


(Actually, the Lough Swilly built 25 of them for their proposed extension to Youghal and Armagh.

They were carefully hidden in a tunnel near Portadown where they remain to this day......)

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I'm a bit late, but would like to wish everybody on the forum a very Merry Christmas.

Thank you to MM, IRM, and all of the lovely forums member that I've come across this past year who have helped with advice, knowledge, and sourcing impossible to find gems!

2020 has been a difficult year for most, I would guess - mine has been beset by extra hours in work, cancelled time off, injuries and tiredness.

The packages of IRM and MM goodies that arrive every few months just lift that veil a little and make it feel like the end of the tunnel is closer, even if I don't have time to open them for months on end!

Here's hoping that things improve as we get closer to summer 2021.

Happy New Year to all on the forum!




2020-12-29 14.06.37.jpg

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