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Irish Footbridge - Expression of Interest

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13 minutes ago, Warbonnet said:

Hi everyone,

There has been some silence on this project and I must admit that's down to IRM, and not Robert, so apologies to both Robert and all of you who are interested in this footbridge for that. 

We were so impressed with Robert's design and attention to detail that we approached him with a view to mass produce his footbridge design rather than do a small run 3D print, which he has very graciously agreed to. So, this will be a new scenic accessory from IRM! 

What's more, we are working on a modular concept for the bridge, allowing for various spans and orientations, giving you greater flexibility to fit in on your layout! The plan is that it will fully painted and with the bare minimum for assembly. We are currently working with our factory to get this production ready, and we will have a full update and launch including specs, prices, ordering information and more later this year, so please bare with us on that. 

We will have more details in due course, but with the design being so good and now with a factory fit and finish, it promises to be a must have for any Irish layout!



Well done to all involved! A fantastic achievement for Robert and something that all modellers including some doing English layouts would enjoy. 

I'll order one for Kinsale junction!

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7 minutes ago, RobertRoche said:

A big thank you to IRM for taking on this project, and thanks to everyone for the support and interest. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product, it will be worth the wait!

It will indeed, Robert - many congratulations!

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This is really cool. The footbridge looked great already from the 3D printer but a modular factory finished version of Robert's design will do it even more justice no doubt. Fair play to all concerned.

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Well done to Robert for designing this product and well done to Irish Railway Models for undertaking its manufacturer.  Hope both parties have a clear agreement  with each other to ensure a smooth passage to market!


Looking forward to this product for my junction station where I will deploy one that serves four platform roads (three staircases). 

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