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Please vote for IRM!!

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We're honoured to be nominated for "OO Gauge Model Wagon of the Year" for both our ballast wagons and cement bubbles as well as "OO Gauge Manufacturer of the Year" and "Overall Manufacturer of the Year" in the RMWeb 'Model of the Year' poll!
Please give us a vote if you can, it would be an amazing crowning glory for 2017 if we were to get high up in the vote!
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10 minutes ago, Warbonnet said:

It's okay lads, vote for whichever you think is best. We'll just have to settle for Manufacturer of the year! :D

24 minutes ago, PJR said:

done.just voted for the bubbles


I was "bubbles", too, it didn't let me specify orange ones..

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42 minutes ago, steventrain said:

and in 4th place for )) wagon of the year if you merge our votes for Bubble and Ballast :)

Overall tho, a staggering result for a manufacturer that has yet to deliver a single 'UK' outline item! We're humbled! Many thanks for all the votes!

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