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IRM announce NIR Enterprise Mark 2 Coaches

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5 hours ago, Blaine said:

Unlikely given theres a mere 3 coaches in the pic, after 113 arrived they rarely worked on the Enterprise. Its deputising for a 80 class set here

Don't disagree, I was thrown by the roof shadows and door and thought there was five on thereūüßź, good location info by the NI lads¬†

44 minutes ago, Galteemore said:

As far as the 450s go, anything that moved was better! Here’s a fascinating photo from that 1984 era. All is not as it seems - there’s a large black tank engine at the other end banking!! Photo on RPSI website by I Smyth


I'm guessing that would be a WT then?

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 North bound  (Down) Enterprise entering Dundalk, passing the Enniskillen bay platform in 1970s?.



Locomotive pushing at the  'Dublin ' end of the train.        GNRI  1901 Q class 131  with a 1948 U type tender on  the plinth





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17 minutes ago, Robert Shrives said:

Now that loco would make a nice kit or small rtr project ! - Ideal for selling in a three pack - a class  in a box !  With enginless dummies for a bargain option ..


I think dummy locos were brought up a long while ago re the 121s, cost compared to a proper model doesn't justify it seems.


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3 hours ago, GSR 800 said:

I think dummy locos were brought up a long while ago re the 121s, cost compared to a proper model doesn't justify it seems.


Hi Indeed only added as a "joke" to the sad time when all three resided together with the ITG pending a future of some kind. The costs of not adding a motor in an tightly priced production line of niche. It has not stopped Dapol making Dummy n gauge 73s for double packs nor of course a high density plastic centre section of the dummy HST power car that required tooling, over using the metal chassis sides as used in the PC.   

Mind you it does not stop BMW providing working traffic indicators !! 

Happy modelling and really looking forward to these coaches. 

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On 26/8/2021 at 2:12 PM, hexagon789 said:

These are Mark 2B design coaches which NIR ordered new from BREL in 1969 and which entered service on a "re-launched" Belfast-Dublin Enterprise.


The so-called Gatwicks were second-hand from GB Train Operating Company Gatwick Express (hence the nickname) where they were used in push-pull sets with Class 73 Electro-Diesels and ex-2HAP Driving Motor Baggage Cars. They were replaced on Gatwick by Class 460 EMUS.

The Gatwicks as used by NIR are Mark 2F design with air-conditioning, originally ordered by BR in 1972 for the West Coast Main Line. 

The particular Gatwick ones were previously used on the Midland Main Line between London St Pancras and Nottingham/Sheffield, rendered surplus by HSTs being introduced to the route in 1982/3 they were modified into fixed 2/3-car sets for a re-launched Gatwick Express which was then run as a dedicated non-stop Express service.

Translink obtained 4 of these coach sets in 2001 (married pairs of two coaches), they were withdrawn in 2005 but soon re-instated to provide extra capacity. Although a Driving Trailer (an ex-ONE Mk2F DBSO) was obtained to allow the set to run push-pull, the set was never converted and was withdrawn in 2009. 

The origins of NIR acquiring the former Mark 2F Gatwicks can be traced back to NIR being short of 80 Class DEMUs.


By 2000 with a severe shortage of 80 Class DEMUs, NIR operated a 111+6 Mark 2s (formerly used  on the Enterprise service) on a daily Portadown to Belfast Great Victoria Street. There was no evening working for these 6 Mark 2s. Every morning a 111+6 Mark 2s would operate empty from Belfast York Road to Portadown to work the 07:50 Portadown to Belfast Great Victoria Street. After working the 07:50 Portadown-Great Victoria Street the 111 and 6 Mark 2s would work empty back to York Road.


From reading the June 2000 IRRS Journal, the 6 Mark 2s in use on the 07:50 Portadown to Belfast Great Victoria Street were suffering from corrosion. Rather than over overhaul them (bar 911 the generator car), NIR purchased 8 Mark 2F coaches when Gatwick Express withdrew them in favour of 460 EMUs.  To provide the power for a 9 coach train (including the generator van), coach 911 was rebuilt into a full BG (Brake Generator) which saw the coach renumbered to 8911, the full seating areas of the passenger coach part removed, 2 big generators installed and all passenger windows removed and plated over. Also integral lights were fitted to the north/Belfast End of the BG 8911 and also an 80 Class DEMU driving trailer panel.


There are 2 things I find questionable. Why did NIR come up with a plan to replace their NIR Mark 2Bs with French built De Detrichs shared with IE? Why did NIR store some of their NIR Mark 2s after the De Detrichs went into traffic? Finally what year did the NIR Mark 2s stop running into Dublin? It is stated on the IRM history that NIR's Mark 2s could still be found working the cross border route into 1999.


Regards Kian.

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I suspect the De Detrich stock was readily available as a current design with aircon, accessible spaces for users with physical disabilities and power doors for the folk who cannot swing big doors. 

The EU funding of the coaches to upgrade the service was very welcome but I guess timescale prevented any UK design as by then not much in the way of loco hauled designs available in the UK as a new build  ( still the same today!)   The ICR sort of fleet still in the young designers minds for an IC dmu operation so loco haul won out - even with the higher costs involved.

The Mk 2 fleet with wrap round doors have been reasonably passenger friendly - the large door good but heavy and not power operated and with an added on door lock system and no internal door handle might seem good but 30 years of service showed the lack of strength in the ends, leaky roof domes and roof water tank along with no strong corner member all make for an end date with the gas axe.  

From usual sources 1999 does seem to have been the last year. For 1969 introduced vehicles that is a good innings given all that happened to them over the years.  


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