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Carlow Station and Sugar Factory. First venture into 00 gauge

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Hi all,


I've decided to build a 00 gauge layout which is my first venture into the scale. This will finally give the stock that I've built up over the years a home to run on! The layout will be in my Raikway room which is a converted garden shed and will be an around the room style layout.


I've decided to build my home town station carlow and include the sugar factory. My sugar factory however will be rail connected unlike the real one which had it's rail link severed in the 1960s.


The factory sadly closed in 2006. All buildings and traffic flows will be prior to this date to achieve realism.


I've started the ball rolling by using the scenecraft model of carlow station and scratchbuilding the extensions to it.

Here's a few photos of progress so far. More updates to follow as I progress.


All comments and suggestions etc are welcome. IMAG0263.jpg




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Paul,I'm delighted you have decided to venture down the OO gauge track,

As with your previous fabulous N gauge projects I have no doubt this layout will be up to your usual high standard,

Best of luck with it....go DCC as you won't regret it-I haven't,

I'll be watching your progress with interest.

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The factory would make an interesting model with really large industrial buildings. Although beet traffic appears to have ended in the 60s, CIE operated occasional liner trains in the early 1970s with export sugar to Dublin Port in 8'6" containers on 4 wheel flat wagons. The siding and marshalling yard was still connected to the main line into the mid1980s


The factory was served by a siding which trailed back alongside the Main Line from the station giving the appearance of a double track main line. The track layout at the factory was similar to Mallow and Tuam a marshalling yard with several loops beside the main line and a siding crossing the road on the level into the factory

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Absolutely incredible. I rarely ever get onto FB so this is my main transport hub. My only criticism is that you don't have a BMW parked across three of the disabled spaces.


39 minutes ago, Westcorkrailway said:

Perhaps with the new Hornby Ruston loco, somone else could try Carlow sugar factory 


How close is the Hornby Ruston? And which one?

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Really creditable architectural modelling, its good to see a layout which incorporates early (1840s) railway architecture at Carlow and modernistic (post 2000) buildings and structures at Ashtown.

The compressed nature of the station layout & low relief cement store is a good example of the challenges in building a model of a large mainline station such as Carlow in OO something that a lot easier to do convincingly in N Scale. I switched from OO to N scale around 1980 for much the same reason, but later returned to the larger scale in order to build Irish locos and stock.

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